Launching a New Policy


Once a policy has been approved and adopted by campus decision-makers, it is imperative that the campus takes the time necessary to plan and prepare for a successful launch.  Campuses typically take six months to one year to plan and prepare their campus for the implementation of a new smoke or tobacco free policy.  A campus might announce their intentions to go smoke or tobacco free and then actually launch the new policy in the Fall of the next year.

Campuses typically take six months to one year to plan and prepare their campus for the implementation of a new smoke or tobacco-free policy.

To help with implementation a new taskforce can be developed. The taskforce should include representatives that can help with policy launch, including, but not limited to:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Student Government
  • Student Health Center
  • Student Veterans Center
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Communications and Technical Support
  • Campus Administration/ Student Services
  • Student Affairs
  • Human Resources

Tobacco-Free Orientation Video

This two-minute whiteboard animation video explains to newcomers that the campus is smoke and tobacco-free, what that means and why the policy is important. Post this video to your campus website, or include it in student, staff, and faculty orientations.  

Use the following embed code to embed the video on your site: 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tools and Resources

Logos, Images, and Examples of Campus Signs 

You may want to create your own campus-branded campaign, or use the logos we’ve created for you.  Please contact us at should you need different file sizes, types, or colors that the ones provided here. 

Policy Implementation Toolkits

Policy Implementation Guidelines - From Policy to Practice Toolkit

The From Policy to Practice Toolkit includes recommendations for a policy implementation taskforce, a twelve-month timeline of activities to complete before the policy goes into effect, policy checklists for departments on campus, and a sample policy implementation budget. 


Smoke/Tobacco-Free Signage Recommendation - Reading the Signs Toolkit

The smoke/tobacco-free signage toolkit, Reading the Signs, includes recommendations for types of signs colleges and universities can use to promote their tobacco use policies. Recommendations include sign types, sizes, placement, language, and images. Examples of signs used on campuses throughout California are featured in the toolkit.

Recorded Webinars

2017 Policy Implementation Webinar