Collecting Data on Campus


Collecting data and setting goals is an important part of policy implementation and maintenance.  Baseline data needs to be collected before a new policy is launched.  You need to know where you started so that you can set goals and so that you can know if your new policy has made any difference on your campus.

Counting the number of cigarette butts found littered on a campus can be a good proxy to how many people are smoking on campus, but with the rise in popularity of vaping devices, spending some time counting the number of people you see vaping around campus within a certain period of time is also a good idea.

Pick and choose from the data collection options below.  To help you decide which type of data to collect, think about how much time and staff help you have.  Think too about the most salient reasons that your campus wanted to adopt a tobacco-free policy and collect data that will show if your campus is reaching those goals.  See the Tobacco-Free Rationale Document for a list of reasons why campuses go tobacco-free.

Data Collection Forms and Protocols