Welcome! is an information hub for California Colleges and Universities that are looking to affect change on their campus. Within this site you will find downloads, training videos and events that can help you and your campus:

  • adopt, launch, and enforce tobacco-free policies campus-wide

  • collect data about tobacco use on your campus

  • assess the level tobacco treatment offered to students


adopting a new policy

Learn how to navigate the shared governance process.

Access model policy language.

Download our 2018 Report Card on how our CA schools are doing with Tobacco-Free policies.

Search our policy database and find out where your school ranks.

Not Tobacco-Free Yet?
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Launching a New Policy

Learn how to roll out your new policy using announcements, signage and social media.

Download helpful handouts, graphics and videos that can aid in spreading your message.

Get organized with our recommended guidelines, checklists and timelines,

Enforcing a Tobacco-Free Policy

Assistance with educational and punitive enforcements through handouts and trainings.

Utilize student, staff, and faculty volunteers as Policy Ambassadors! Free, in-person trainings.

Like traffic school, Compliance Training videos outline the essential elements of the rules to people who have violated the policy.

2019 Report Card and Policy Database

Download the full report

Download the full report

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2019 Smoke/Tobacco-Free College Report Card. Findings conclude that 63% of California Colleges and Universities are 100% smoke and/or tobacco-free.

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