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Earth Day

Celebrate the Earth, Live Tobacco Free

Earth Day will be on April 22, 2018. Some campuses choose to host Earth Day celebrations on this day, others choose another day that is more appropriate for their campus, and some host events throughout the entire week or month. Each year, CYAN supports Earth Day events on college campuses to increase awareness of tobacco’s destructive impact on the environment.

Earth Day serves as a unique opportunity for tobacco prevention advocates to educate their campus communities on tobacco-related issues apart from the well known health information. Every phase of tobacco (growth, production, and consumption) is harmful to the environment and very few people are aware of the extent of the destruction.  In order to educate college students, faculty, staff, and visitors, CYAN supports a statewide celebration on college and university campuses throughout California.


Event Turnkey Kit

The Earth Day Turnkey Kit provides a collection of ideas for hosting an event on campus. The Turnkey Kit includes sample media such as a news advisory, press release, and advertisements; Earth Day event ideas; cigarette butt litter cleanup tips; and other resources to support your campus event.

Earth Day Turnkey Kit - Full PDF

Or you can download the Section you need:


Cigarette Butt Pickup Kit

Event Ideas


Facebook Images

Images created to place on a Facebook newsfeed or Instagram.

Downloadable Advertisements

Downloadable Flyers

Word Document Flyers to download and edit for use on your campus.

Flyer – Deforestation
Flyer – Butt Cleanup